How to upload multiple students using a CSV file

  • Click on Users > Upload Users
  • Add and invite user adds every student to your group and triggers an email to them with their password.
  • Send enrolment key triggers an email to each student with a unique enrolment key. The student then registers themselves by going to, clicking on the Enrolment Key Registration button, and entering their enrolment key. [You can also choose not send an email to the list of students you are uploading as you might want to upload the students’ details to your group but distribute the enrolment keys to them some other way].
  • Then you upload your CSV file which must be formatted with the following column order and headings:





[leave blank]




  • CSV files created and saved from some versions of MS Excel for Windows can sometimes add special characters that prevent the file from being uploaded. 
  • Platforms like Google Sheets work well with the bulk upload function and tend to avoid formatting issues found with various spreadsheet programs.
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