Teach it

Once they’ve learned and lived it, the students are ready to teach it to their peers.

The course challenges students to run a series of 6 campaigns – one for each lesson.

The campaigns are a chance for the students who are taking the course to get creative in the way they disseminate, across their school or college, what they have learned.

Each campaign focuses on the key messages from one of the hacks in the lesson it’s linked to. Students can choose from two campaigns for each lesson. It might be that all the students taking the course collaborate on one of the campaigns, or that they split into two groups and run both of the campaigns.

Depending on your time frame, students could spend a week / fortnight / half term on each campaign. They could lead PSHE lessons, produce displays, post on official social media channels, present at assemblies or to tutor groups – anything that works for them and their school or college.

Each campaign has an accompanying PowerPoint that students can download when they reach the relevant lesson. This has slides to use and adapt as well as a range of copyright-free images that the students could use with their campaign. All of the downloads that students can access are linked below for you to check out.

The Campaigns (click to preview the downloads)

Lesson 1 Snack, Sleep, Chill

Lesson 2 Think, Watch, Doubt

Lesson 3 Kindness, Connections, Relationships

Lesson 4 Breathe, Flex, Paint

Lesson 5 Emotions, Lifelines, Music

Lesson 6 Groups, Gratitude, Wellbeing