SWAP Details

Click this image to download a full specification for the SWAP, including full details on the key learning points for each of the six lessons.

Course Access

When you click the Get Access to the SWAP tab on the home page, you’ll be taken to the page where you can buy the code that will allow you and your students full access to the Student Wellbeing Ambassador Programme.

On payment, you get a simple code, like this: SWAP-123-456

That code can be use 35 times (in other words it can be used to enrol 35 different people onto the Student Wellbeing Ambassador Programme). For example, you could use it to enrol up to thirty students and 5 staff (or any combination of students / staff that work for you).

Once you have the code, and you’ve given it out to whomever needs it, they click the Register button on the home page and they’re ready to go. Once registered, they can just log in whenever they need to carry on with the course.