How long will the course take to complete?

The course takes at least six weeks for students to complete. There are six lessons. Each lesson includes materials for students to try out the ideas for a week. That’s why the lessons are only available in weekly gaps after enrollment (for example, lesson two only becomes available one week after the student has enrolled). However, you might want your students to take each new lesson every two weeks, or every month – there is complete flexibility to extend the course in this way.

How long will each lesson take to complete?

The time to complete each lesson will vary of course but generally they take students around 40 minutes. To give you an idea, this is what each lesson involves:

  • 3 videos of 3-6 minutes each
  • 3 pieces of research to read 
  • 3 short quizzes about the videos and research
  • A short exercise to try out one of the techniques from the videos (eg, thought logs, breathing exercises, etc)
  • A download to use for the subsequent week (lesson one is a sleep diary)
  • A campaign page where students are encouraged to think about how they will start sharing their new wellbeing expertise with others
  • A final lesson quiz, the successful completion of which means that students can download the lesson certificate, which is actually a set of notes so they have something to remember what they’ve learned.

Something to consider is that it’s not just about competing the lesson, it’s also about thinking how to use the ideas in real life (that’s what the downloads are for and also the app) and getting the word out to help others understand the importance of these ideas.

Can I access the course myself to see what my students will be doing?

Of course! When you login as a teacher, you can click on the words Student Wellbeing Ambassador Programme – that will take you directly to the course. If this does not work for any reason, you may need to add yourself as a User (as well as a Group Leader). You can do this by clicking the User button and adding yourself.

How do I start enroling my students?

Before you start enroling students it is worth asking your IT department to whitelist emails from these two domains:

Then, when you are ready to start adding students, there are three options:

How do I change the password / email address for one of my students?

  1. Login by using the Teacher login button on the homepage
  2. Click on the check-box to the left of the name of any of your students
  3. You will see the options to edit their details and/or send them a new password

Still need help? Use the contact form below:

You can also contact us on Twitter @SWAPCourse

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