How long will the course take to complete?

The Student Wellbeing Ambassador Programme (SWAP) can be completed in anything from one day, to a number of weeks or months – whichever time frame fits your needs. It comprises of six lessons each of around 40 mins, with a total of around four hours of learning.

How long will each lesson take to complete?

There are 6 lessons and time to complete each one will vary, but generally they take students around 40 minutes. To give you an idea, this is what each lesson involves:

  • 3 videos of 3-6 minutes each
  • 3 pieces of research to read 
  • 3 short quizzes about the videos and research
  • A short exercise to try out one of the techniques from the videos (eg, thought logs, breathing exercises, etc)
  • A download to use for the subsequent week (lesson one is a sleep diary)
  • A campaign page where students are encouraged to think about how they will start sharing their new wellbeing expertise with others
  • A final lesson quiz, the successful completion of which means that students can download the lesson certificate, which is actually a set of notes so they have something to remember what they’ve learned.

Can I access the course myself to see what my students will be doing?

Of course! When you login as a teacher, you can click on the words Student Wellbeing Ambassador Programme – that will take you directly to the course.

How do I start enroling my students?

Before you start enroling students it is worth asking your IT department to whitelist emails from these two domains:

Then, when you are ready to start adding students, there are three options:

How do I change the password / email address for one of my students?

  1. Login by using the Teacher login button on the homepage
  2. Click on the check-box to the left of the name of any of your students
  3. You will see the options to edit their details and/or send them a new password

Still need help? Use the contact form below:

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