Buying Student Access to the SWAP

When you buy access to the SWAP you get your own school page where any registered teacher can enrol students onto the course and monitor their progress. 

  1. Enter your school / college in the ‘Group name’ field
  2. Select the number of students who will taking the SWAP
  3. Select the ‘Student Wellbeing Ambassador Programme’
  4. Click ‘Add to cart’ and you’re done
  • Please note: the minimum order is for 10 students
  • If you’re interested in running the SWAP with 200+ students, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the help page so we can discuss the best package for your school
  • If you would rather we invoiced your school, we can do this too – just contact us using the form at the bottom of the help page with the number of students you’re interested in buying places for.


Group name
The name of the group for which you are purchasing the courses.
The number of users who require access.
Bulk discounts
40 to 49 students
- 15 %
50 to 69 students
- 25 %
70 to 89 students
- 35 %
90 to 119 students
- 45 %
120 to 149 students
- 55 %
+150 students
- 70 %


Cart total
Bulk discount
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