Click the image for a detailed breakdown of the SWAP

The research and ideas from the course

All the research, ideas and techniques from the course come from the book, 18 Wellbeing Hacks for Students: Using Psychology’s Secrets to Survive and Thrive.

So, if you want to go deeper into the ideas, please check out this book.

There’s a free sample chapter here, which is about using music for wellbeing.

The course app

There is a free app which supports the SWAP.  It is not needed to complete the course, but students are invited to use it if they think it might help them to build the techniques into their everyday life. It also includes a comprehensive list of mental health support agencies.

You can find the app by searching for WellSenz on the App Store or Google Play.

The final course certificate

When they complete the course, students can download a certificate to reward their achievement.

However, not all students will have access to a printer, so the final certificate is available here as you might want to print this off in colour for the students when they complete the course.

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