The Student Wellbeing Ambassador Programme (SWAP)

Turning students into wellbeing experts

Learn It

Students learn about the psychology of wellbeing with videos, key research and quizzes

Live It

The course has its own app and worksheet downloads to help students embed the ideas into their daily life

Teach It

Students run six campaigns to spread wellbeing messages to their peers

Student Wellbeing Ambassador Programme

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Why choose the
Student Wellbeing
Ambassador Programme?

The evidence shows that, when you’re serious about culture-wide behaviour change to maximise wellbeing, it’s the voices of students that really count.

It’s not a case of deciding whether to focus on wellbeing or academic success. The evidence shows that when you increase student wellbeing, academic success also increases. That’s because students learn best when they’re happy and confident.

The SWAP includes not only videos and quizzes, it also challenges the students to live the ideas through downloads such as sleep and thought diaries. Then, once they’ve learned and lived the ideas, they’re also challenged to spread the ideas throughout their school or college through a series of campaigns.

‘I found this book far more helpful than similar resources online. It really simply explains what the hack is, how to put into day-to-day life and the psychology that explains why this works.'
University of Manchester
‘This is my kind of book! It's evidence-based, easy to read and so practical. This book will prove so useful to students. A book that will help them understand themselves and the people around them better, as well as equipping them with the tools they need to thrive. Highly recommended.'
Adrian Bethune
Award-winning author, teacher and wellbeing advisor.
'Aidan Harvey-Craig has brought his particular expertise, and experience of working in psychology and education, to produce this highly informative and thought provoking book. It is packed with evidenced-based life hacks, provided in a refreshing format. I may not be a student, but I’ve taken away many life hacks from the book that I’m now using. Highly recommended!'
Kirsty R Lowe
Consultant Clinical and Forensic Psychologist
‘Intellectually stimulating and a delight to read. Provoking and forward thinking: a must read for anyone who wants to learn to be accountable for their own success and wellbeing.'
Gilda Scarfe
CEO and founder of Positive Ed Ltd, international speaker and expert in Positive Psychology.