Why the SWAP is so powerful

We all know, from our own experience, that the people students are most influenced by are other students. But there’s also clear evidence to support this (Paluck et al 2019). 

We also know that it’s crucial that students’ voices are heard in our schools and colleges. This is the basis of the Student Wellbeing Ambassador Programme (SWAP). It’s an online course to train a group of your students in the psychology of wellbeing and give them the tools to influence their peers to effect culture-wide behaviour change for improved wellbeing. 

Why get an expert in to talk to your students about wellbeing, when you could turn your students in wellbeing experts and have them talk with each other? The students will be coming back day-in day-out to keep those wellbeing ideas fresh until they are firmly embedded.

The programme is designed for students from around 14-18 years old, but now you’ve had a chance to see some of the material from the SWAP you can gauge for yourself which of your students you think would get the most from the course.