Live it – lesson one challenges

Try this now

One of the world’s most important research journals  (called The Lancet) says that we can access the brain’s default mode through doodling!

Doodling is aimless drawing, without any purpose or goal. You just start drawing whatever comes to mind. Because it triggers your brain’s default mode, doodling has been found to be good for creativity, relaxation, focus, and improved memory. So, let’s try it:

  1. Get some paper and a pen ready
  2. Find a place where you will have NO distractions for 15 minutes – this is not always easy but it’s really important
  3. Set a timer for 15 minutes (probably your phone, but then switch it to aeroplane mode and make sure it’s out of sight)
  4. Now DOODLE for 15 minutes: just draw anything – shapes, scenes, patterns, scribbles – whatever comes naturally
  5. You have to keep doodling for the whole 15 minutes
  6. Allow your mind to drift while you’re doodling

When the 15 minutes is up, reflect on where your mind wandered to. Consider building this exercise into your weekly routine so that you can allow your brain to relax and come up with new creative ideas to solve any problems you’re having.

Try this over the coming week

1. Keep a sleep diary

Download and use this SWAP Sleep diary download to keep a track of your sleep this coming week, and to see how the sleep skills affect the quality of your sleep.

2. Take a few minutes each day to do (almost) nothing

There’s a free app called WellSenz which goes with this course. Note – you do NOT need to use this app to complete the course. However, if you think it could be useful then you can download it for free from the App Store or Google Play. Just select the ‘Chill’ hack to get a different ‘do (almost) nothing’ challenge each day. Check them off when you do them and the app will let you know your progress.